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Embracing Future Possibilities
Growing trend in automation – Artificial Intelligence (AI) or the IoT (Internet of Things) likely to revolutionize and will enable businesses to make the leap to “predictive maintenance” which provides more exciting features  made by data capturing and analytics that can optimize manufacturing processes.

With digitization marching through sector after sector, technical innovation need to be considered on the road map to ensure that we are ready to adapt with challenging world by becoming more capable, compelling and profitable.

Knowing all the possibilities is important for future business success. But most crucial is, are you ready?

Analyze. Optimize. Monetize.

CadenEnergy helps business organizations by make use of IoT applications to manage their datasets along with real-time data with data analytics software easily and efficiently. Data generated from IoT devices only have its value if it gets subjected to analysis, which brings data analytics into patterns, trends and statistics.

With implementation of automated tools and software as IoT investments, it will allow business units to gain an insight into customer preference and choices. This would lead to the development of services and offers as per the customer demands and expectations. This, in turn, will improve the revenues and profits earned by the organizations
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We deliver benefits

  • Connect software application with automation systems with deployment of specific software application includes machine and power monitoring

  • Make use of IoT products to measure, monitor and control

  • Keep instantly up-to-date with implementation of Enterprise-level application – (cloud based)

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Perfect solar panel monitoring and energy management system
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  A New Approach in Solar System Monitoring
While most solar monitors only measure the production level of your solar panels, aidESOLAR measures solar performance as well as providing you with information on the energy consumption. The aidESOLAR monitor accurately measures kWh and provides Ringgit Malaysia readings for how much you're producing and saving. This is a comprehensive and perfect monitoring solution for your solar system installation. Easily link to real-time solar inverter status enabling maintenance alarm generation based on real-time system condition.

Case studies

The case studies and industry examples featured throughout the CADENCENERGY solutions in applying intelligent monitoring and analytics techniques to solve our customer day to day problems.
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