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We are Deep Sea Electronics’s Authorized Channel Partner in region of Malaysia.
Deep Sea Electronics is one of the worlds top manufacturers of generator controllers, auto transfer switch controllers, battery chargers and vehicle & off-highway controllers. We employ over 200 people across four continents and sell our products to 150 countries direct from our UK head office and through our comprehensive distributor network.
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As Agent, Distributor and System Packager, most of our solution for industry generator, machinery and hybrid control problems apply DSE’s product as one of the integral part in the whole solution.

Together, we never stop generating ideas for new products and are always looking at ways to improve. The integration of technology and the benefits it creates drives us to succeed. We want to make our products work better for our customers and have a research and development team constantly working to achieve this.

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Control System Panel Manufacturing

We understand that the control panels are fairly important as the controller. For that reason, we produce various type and high quality of complete control system panel for our customer.
As a reliable control panel manufacturer we will advise the suitable ingress protection rating for the enclosure of the control panel according to site requirements. Having experienced people, great software and automated production equipment helps us to produce quickly and accurately. 
Our assembly line capable to produce ATS, Engine Driven Pump, and AMF control system panel.

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Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Control System

Our ATS panel package solution features advanced range of automatic transfer switch control solution utilizing world known DSE ATS controller in which load transfer for each section is controlled in a stepped sequence, to and from the generator supply in the event of a mains (utility) failure. Applying the load in a stepped sequence prevent genset overload/system fail and the stepped return to mains enables the gensets to reduct their load prior to shutdown.

Engine Driven Pump Control System

Our control system package provides a predesigned control and monitoring for engine driven pumps, compressors and hydraulic power packs.The ready-made system offers outstanding flexibility to enables users to match any required operating modes unique to their applications and able to be integrated with remote monitoring application.

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Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) Control System

Our AMF control system package  features advanced Automatic Mains Failure Control  to automatically start a gen-set during a mains power failure, monitor its parameters for faults and shutdown the genset after a set delay when mains power resumes.

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DSEGenset is an intelligent range of auto start and auto mains (utility) failure single-set generator control solutions, load sharing & synchronizing multi-set control solutions, DC / hybrid generator control solutions, digital automatic voltage regulators (AVR), mains (utility) protection relays & power meters, lighting tower control solutions, remote communications devices & overview displays and expansion modules. Each range has been designed, developed and manufactured by our industry leading experts, to deliver a range of features and benefits that set new standards across the industry.

Manual & Auto Start Control Modules

Communications are a key part of everyday life all over the globe. Remote telecoms sites like this one, located in the Middle East use the DSE7310 MKII to control the on-site generators and meet all their power requirements. The DSE7310 MKII is fully compatible with our industry-leading remote monitoring software, DSEWebNet®. The software allows the site to be monitored and controlled remotely, reducing engineer call-outs. Remote monitoring is suited to this industry, due to the large number of telecoms generators being used in remote locations

Digital Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR)

DSE digital automatic voltage regulators eliminate the complexities associated with traditional analogue AVRs and provide a stable AC output voltage regardless of changes in temperature or changes to the connected electrical load. Suitable for any application including the most complex genset synchronising & load sharing applications, sophisticated features such as connections for a quadrature droop are included as standard.

Auto Mains (Utility) Failure Control Modules

Hospitals across the world are using the DSE7320 MKII for automatically resuming critical power supplies in times of unexpected power failures. The sophisticated built-in no-break return to mains (utility) feature, minimises power disruptions enabling vital services to continue without any interruption.

Mains (Utility) Protection Relays & Power Meters

The DSEP100 Mains (Utility) Decoupling Relay is being used increasingly across Great Britain as changing regulations to grid codes are making G59 equipment obsolete. The DSEP100 is used to detect a fault on the mains (utility) network and disconnect the connected application under relevant circumstances. The DSEP100 is fully configurable, making it future proof against further grid code changes.

Load Sharing & Synchronizing Control Modules

DSE’s load sharing control modules are used in off-grid mining applications in Texas and New Mexico. These applications have built-in redundancy ensuring sufficient capacity for at least one or two gensets to be off-line at any one time. This allows for maintenance, servicing and unplanned shut-downs. The DSE8610 MKII is configured to automatically run the built-in redundancy feature. The modules communicate information to the site management team who supervise the site from a remote location

Lighting Tower Control Modules

On-site engineers using lighting towers to illuminate their work space in large open cast mines in Colorado and Yukon, praise the DSEL401 MKII intelligent lighting tower control module. The sophisticated light sequencing, auto start / stop and timing features of the control module has significantly improved the mining company’s operating efficiencies.

DC/Hybrid Generator Control Modules

DSE modules are being used in hybrid applications where solar energy is consistent and mains (utility) supplies are unreliable. This factory in the Middle East is connected to a mains (utility) supply which suffers from regular disruptions. The DSEM870 PV / Diesel Load Sharing FSC works in conjunction with DSE8610 MKII control modules to provide cost efficient energy from the hybrid solar / diesel genset system when mains (utility) power is unavailable.

Remote Communications & Overview Displays

DSEGenset® is an intelligent range of single-set and multi-set generator control solutions, mains (utility) protection relays, lighting tower control solutions, digital automatic voltage regulators (AVR's), remote communications devices and expansion modules. Each range has been designed and manufactured by our industry leading experts to deliver a range of features and benefits that set new standards across the industry.

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DSEAts® features an advanced range of automatic transfer switch control modules and power supplies.
Our dedicated development team have an in-depth understanding of ATS markets ensuring all products provide a perfect balance of advanced features and functionality relevant to the demands of the industry

Automatic Transfer Switch Control Modules

DSEAts® is an advanced range of automatic transfer switch control modules and power supplies designed and manufactured at our UK head office by our dedicated ATS engineering team. The teams detailed understanding of the ATS market ensures all products provide a unique range of features to enhance multiple application types.

Power Supplies

The DSE160 Self-Seeking Power Supply has been designed for use with DSE3xx control modules. The DSE160 can be supplied from a mains (utility), generator or battery and provides a power supply output that gives DC power to the ATS controller. When the mains (utility) supply fails the DSE160 automatically switches to providing generator or battery power.

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DSEPower® is a range of 12 and 24 volt compact, vertical, intelligent, enclosed and dual output battery chargers, ranging from 2 amp to 30 amp. Each charger has been developed and manufactured by our specialist power engineering team.

All chargers within the range include multiple industry-leading features that are setting new standards in charging technology and enhancing multiple customer charging applications across a wide range of different industry sectors.

12 Volt Battery Charger

Multiple Output Battery Chargers

24 Volt Battery Charger

Overview Displays & Remote

Intelligent Battery Chargers

Enclosed Intelligent Battery Chargers

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DSEControl® is an extremely powerful collection of programmable controllers and displays for vehicles and off-highway machinery and a dynamic range of control systems for engines, pumps and compressors.
Our specialist team of development engineers have created a range of products that combine outstanding performance, features and reliability, making each product suitable for use across multiple application environments

Vehicle & Off-Highway Machinery Control

DSE’s range of programmable controllers are installed on construction machinery all over the world. DSEM64x controllers provide users with powerful solutions that meet complex control requirements. Key areas of control include hydraulic movement control, engine control and CAN device interfacing.

Engine & Pump Control Modules (E-Series)

Mobile pumps are being used during times of severe flooding after heavy rainfall and riverbank breaches affect housing and developed areas across the USA. Using the DSEE800 controllers, the pumps drain the land into nearby unused areas and drainage ditches. Sophisticated data logging, particularly oil pressure and engine coolant temperature, allow maintenance engineers to keep the pumps running at optimum efficiency. Sophisticated communications through DSEWebNet® allow remote monitoring of the pumps throughout their 24/7 operation.


The DSEControl® range features a wide selection of accessories for use with M-Series and E-Series products. Accessories include: connector sets, connector harness sets, configuration harnesses, Deutsch connectors, IP plugs, USB interface cables and Ethernet programming leads.